Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In the News!

HERE is the official news article that ran this past week in the Dayton Daily News. We appreciate the media coverage and hope this publicity helps us to reach a much wider audience.

Community Outreach--Dunbar Institute

As part of the Dunbar Institute's Sprouts Summer Arts Program, around 60 inner-city children were given the opportunity to come to the Excelsior building and paint with Summer Space artists. The kids were able to talk to artist, Mike Elsass, as well as other Summer Space artists about the importance of the arts and what it's like to work as an artist professionally. After the art talk, the children were given a tour of the studio, as well as smocks and paint, and were taught the concepts behind abstract art. The children collaborated with each other to paint on canvas and pieces of cardboard in a non-figurative way. This experience was very successful, and enjoyed by all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Media Coverage

Lately, Summer Space has been receiving positive feedback from the community, as well as a lot of interest from the media. Today, Ben Norton and Amanda Baker were interviewed by the Dayton Daily News about the program. HERE is a Link to the photos on the DDN's web site. Enjoy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Artists in Cahoots--Collaboration

Another program of Summer Space is the collaborative, Artists in Cahoots. This aspect of Summer Space encourages our emerging artists to work one on one with established local artists. Dani Schmidt, who teaches art at Springboro Junior High School will be working with Ham Dixon this summer at Front Street. Schmidt will be welding steel pieces onto Mike Elsass' paintings. Below are photos of some of her experiences thus far with Mike at the steel yard, as well as some of her works in progress.

Community Outreach--Ruskin School

As a Summer Space artist, we are expected to participate in various community outreach programs where we bring art to places and people that may not have the privilege to experience art in their daily lives. Our first major experience with this brought us to Ruskin School, where artists, Ben Norton and Emily Burkman painted in front of the elementary schoolers in league with an arts night at their school. At first, the painting was a demonstration where the children could watch artists at work and ask them questions about their profession. Later, however, the kids inevitably jumped in and got their hands dirty and created their own masterpieces! This was an experience we all enjoyed greatly, and are looking forward to more community projects. Take a look!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Artist Survival

Summer Space artists are expected to participate in different projects that work to bring exposure to their own work, as well as liven up the overall essence of the Oregon Arts District, (OAD). This past weekend, painter, Ben Norton, began a program called, "Artist Survival" Ben painted outside of Pacchia in the Oregon Arts District for a few hours in exchange for a free meal from the establishment. Ben was approached by many people asking about his work and Summer Space, as well as Pacchia. Other restaurants that have agreed to sponsor this program include, 5th Street Deli and Blind Bob's. Thank you to our sponsors! As Summer Space artists, we hope to bring a positive and vibrant energy to the Oregon Arts District. Look for us around 5th Street! Here are a couple of photos from the beginning of this venture.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome to Summer Space

Welcome to Summer Space! This summer, artist and Color of Energy gallery owner, Mike Elsass will be leading the creation of Summer Space; a program for emerging artists in the Oregon Arts District. Summer Space works to support many aspects of art, including youth and emerging artists, as well as promoting an arts culture in the city of Dayton. The program gives 10 artists a chance to work in their own studio space amongst a thriving arts community, and foster their own creative body of work. The program helps artists network and market their work, as well as collaborate with established, nationally recognized artists. The artists involved in Summer Space have set up their studios in the, until now, vacant Excelsior building on East Sixth Street, and will be working their for the remainder of the summer.

Summer Space artists are responsible, not only for creating their own body of work, but for many other arts related concerns, such as arts based community outreach, indiviudal art openings, and an artist exchange program, which will work to bring national artists' work to Dayton, and promote Dayton artists' work on a national level. Summer Space artists are expected to work in league with the Oregon Arts District in order to promote a healthy, community based arts culture.

The artists of Summer Space come from many places, work in many mediums, and are a variety of ages. Please welcome them to Dayton, and stay tuned for what the summer will bring.

Artists Include:
Emily Burkman
Ben Norton
Dani Schmidt
Brooke Landerman
Dan Hoelting
Amanda Baker
Alyssa Foland
Darren Haper
Lesley Walton
Ann Hollingsworth
Mike Elsass

Below are photographs of the inside of the Excelsior building where the artists will be working.