Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Energy in the Pit

Don't forget to check out the Mike Elsass's new book, created by Summer Space artist Amanda Baker. You can preview and/or buy the book HERE. Scroll down to learn about the PIT.

The Excelsior building, where the Summer Space program is rooted, has attracted many creative individuals and group this summer. Blue Sky, as mentioned in the previous post, has left our building with phenomenal creative energy, as well as a new and improved look. Mike Elsass, the founder of the Summer Space program has recently made the decision to capitalize on the space and energy in a specific area of the building known as "the pit." He will be painting his newest body of work in this area, and hopes to complete the series by October. We will be posting photographs of the progress of Paint in the Pit. Feel free to stop by and check it out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blue Sky

The past few months, Dayton has been home to another phenomenal arts program called the Blue Sky Project. The Blue Sky Project allowed professional artists, student artists, and high school artists to collaborate on projects of all mediums this summer. The Summer Space artists have had the privilege to work closely with these artists as they set up their final exhibition in the Excelsior building where Summer Space is held. Their hard work and dedication paid off and drew a large crowd to the building and the Oregon Arts District this past weekend. It was a pleasure sharing space and company with these fine artists. They truly transformed the space and created wonderful energy in the building. Photographs of their final exhibition are below.